Fizz, Bang and Bubble!

Fizz, Bang and Bubble!

 Lower School enjoyed a fabulous day of fire, fizz and bubble investigations as part of Science Day. 

Everyone had the chance to take on the role of scientist and were encouraged to ask questions, make predictions and carry out different experiments. Most of the activities involved chemical reactions of one sort or another: the children were particularly amazed by what happened when Mentos mints were added to a bottle of coca cola.It was a case of stand well back! No one expected the coca cola to shoot so far into the sky. 

Year 4 were very lucky to be invited to the Science Department and watched in wonder as their teachers allowed them to set fire to their hands! Luminous liquid was also created by mixing two liquids together. 

In the afternoon, Year 3 made their own lemonade and discovered how to create carbon dioxide by mixing sodium bicarbonate, lemon juice and water. This is what makes the fizz in fizzy drinks. Some children loved the taste of it, others were not so keen! 


All in all, it was a busy, exciting day, full of new discoveries and surprises. What was most interesting was just how many chemicals there are in our kitchen cupboards. Making potions using these created many reactions and lots of gas!

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