Staff and parents were treated to a delicious meal out on Monday night, cooked by our very own Fifth Form girls, with the assistance of Dean (main chef) and Claud (Leaver 2015) at Foodworks Cookery School. They arrived with Mr Bates at 5.30pm and prepared two courses: a salmon, cucumber, shallots and capers tartare topped with crème fraîche and spices, followed by a chicken supreme, black pudding, roast potatoes and vegetable mix with the most amazing tarragon sauce. Not only did the girls have fun, but also they learnt a lot of tips such as how to make the best roast potatoes and sharpen their knife skills! Parents, matron and tutors joined at 8.00pm and were entertained by the girls. Fun prizes were awarded at the end; the most memorable ones were for Ella Owens and Annabel Merheim-Kealy as most helpful and precise chefs. Some silly ones were given to Steph Symcox for being the chattiest cook and to Georgie Baillie Hamilton for being the worst chopper, cutting the parsnips in triangles when the chef requested squares! It was a great evening and all parents look forward to their daughters cooking at home now!

Mme Bates, Queen’s Housemistress


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