Fun at the French Film Night

Fun at the French Film Night

By Florence Needham (4th, W)

The Fourth Form French pupils gathered in the Hardy Lecture Theatre to watch the French film The Intouchables.  The film is based on a true story, which shows how friendship can be made in the most unexpected circumstances and it also portrayed the contrast between the rich and poor in France.

The two main characters come from completely different backgrounds; Philippe, a disabled, wealthy man, and Driss who reluctantly becomes Philippe’s carer. Driss is told about the death of Philippe’s wife and his paragliding accident, which caused his disability. The two men learn from each other: Philippe becomes stricter with his adopted daughter and Driss discovers art and painting. Philippe has an ‘epistolary’ relationship with a woman called Elénore. However, Philippe worries that Elénore will not be interested in him when she discovers his disability. After a failed attempt at meeting with Elénore, Philippe and Driss go paragliding.  Philippe then finds out that Driss needs to support his family and releases him from the job, but is unable to find another carer like Driss and so contacts him again. The two men drive to a restaurant where Driss has secretly arranged a date for Philippe and Elénore.

We watched the film in French (with English subtitles!) and it was a very enjoyable evening for everyone. Watching a film in French is useful as helps you to get used to the sounds and rhythm of a language, and to hear popular phrases.

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