Future Architects Visit Foster + Partners

Future Architects Visit Foster + Partners

A group of Lower Sixth students and an Old Cheltonian visited the Foster + Partners offices in London over Half Term following on from partner Nigel Dancey’s (BH, 1983) careers talk in Boyne House earlier in the term. Jack Burns (L6, NH) commented "It was one of my most amazing experiences and I felt immensely privileged tobe included. It has certainly strengthened my desire to study architecture and pursue it as a career.”

They were treated to a tour of the offices and then a discussion with Nigel Dancey and an intern about the BEHIVE project at College. Vanessa Keung (L6, Ch) said, "I have learned more about how an architecture firm works, the importance of collaboration with a diverse group of people with different specialised knowledge and the wonderful designs, models and videos made by the firm!"

Ed Johnston (L6, L) agreed, "It was honestly an unforgettable experience. I loved seeing around the offices and getting an insight on the average day of an architect privileged enough to work for such a company. Following the talk given by Mr Dancey as part of the Old Cheltonian careers programme and this opportunity today, architecture has definitely moved to the top of a list of career choices I'd like to pursue.”

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