Futuristic Young Scientists

Futuristic Young Scientists

Cheltenham Prep is proud to host the annual Young Scientists' Day in partnership with Cheltenham Science Festival. This year's theme was ‘Our Future World’ and pupils, from both The Prep and a number of other schools, experienced an exciting carousel of Science and Design Technology lessons. 

Pupils worked in The Prep's dedicated, university-grade science labs and thoroughly enjoyed a variety of practical experiments, looking like real scientists wearing safety goggles and white lab coats. 

In the Biology activity, pupils were able to see onion cells and then their own cheek cells under a microscope. They also enjoyed making (and eating) DNA made from sweets! In Chemistry, the pupils were treated to an exciting experience as they investigated the use of fuels of the future. Balloons filled with hydrogen went off with a bang and a flash, and the pupils conducted an experiment to see if they could get that ‘squeaky pop’ to show that hydrogen was present. It was an explosive and memorable session led by Mr Webber in his rainbow-coloured lab coat. As part of an amazing controlled experiment, Mr Webber also set his hands on fire! Very dramatic! 


The Design Technology activity allowed the pupils to build and design their own buildings of the future. Working in teams, they had to meet the challenges of achieving height, stability and an aesthetically pleasing structure. The buildings were then tested by Mr Boyd by placing weights on them. There were many tense moments as more and more weights were added! Several designs did withstand the experience, a sign that our pupils really could be the architects of the future... 


The exciting day finished with a fantastic talk by the charismatic Professor Andrea Sella, with his batch of dry ice and a large slice of a delicious future-themed cake! Organiser, Mrs Gill Barrett, said "My thanks go to Cheltenham Festivals for giving us the opportunity to host this special day, designed to promote Science and Design Technology to our young and enthusiastic learners. The pupils had an amazing day, which was wonderful to see."

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