Gala Brings Victory for Cheltenham Prep

Gala Brings Victory for Cheltenham Prep

Last year, changes to Cheltenham Prep's swimming provision meant fewer gala dates, but galas involving more schools. The intention was to make each event more of an exciting and competitive meet. This was certainly the case for our Years 3-6 gala!

The opposition was Dean Close, a school who we have a pretty strong record against in the pool, and St Edwards, a school who have a lot of club swimmers and who we have had some tough meetings with in the past. After the first few races, it became clear that it was going to be a tough one to call with many of the races almost needing a photo finish. 

It was fantastic to see how much some of our young swimmers have progressed, with some outstanding individual performances that Miss Ramsay, Mr Hall and Mrs Simpson were very, very proud of. The teams looked strong in the relays as well, taking first place in many of them and, as the gala neared the end, everyone felt we must have been in with a great chance of the overall win. There was a collective sigh of relief and shout of happiness when the final results were announced:

Cheltenham 292
St Edwards 263
Dean Close 184

A huge congratulations to all of our Years 3-6 boys and girls who played their part wonderfully.

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