Geographers research rivers

Geographers research rivers

All Geographers know that river characteristics change with distance from the source, and the Fourth Form had the opportunity this week to undertake their first day of field work to investigate their real-world example of Blackpool Brook.

99 pupils spent the day visiting three sites in total, collecting river characteristics such as velocity, depth and width along with variations in water quality and species found in the area. All pupils were able to visit Mallard’s Pike, Blackpool Brook and Little Box Farm to record the extent to which this river changes along its journey to the River Severn. Happily, the rain which threatened us most of the day didn’t make an appearance. The only minor distraction was a group of incredibly inquisitive cows at Little Box Farm who very much made their presence known. Miss Hartley is very pleased to report that no pupils (or cows!) were harmed during these encounters! 

The pupils conducted themselves exceptionally well and have learnt a great deal from the experience. Many groups were excited to find numerous freshwater shrimps along the middle course, although we are not sure how pleased the shrimps were with spending some time in a white tray being scrutinised!

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