Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral

Last week Year 4 from the Prep travelled the few miles from Cheltenham to Gloucester and arrived in a Medieval world! Many a foot has travelled the corridors of Gloucester cathedral before us, and probably many more will follow, but this year's band of merry novices were dutiful and, for the most part, silent. 

Year 4's trip to Gloucester Cathedral is one that incorporates History, ICT and Art projects in the Spring Term. Shortly after arrival we were transformed into novice brothers and then travelled back in time, nearly 900 years, to when Gloucester was known as St Peter's Abbey. Our novices are guided around the cloisters learning about the daily lives of the monks: finding that they ate eel stew - a delicacy; wrote and spoke in Latin - Dona Nobis Parcem; were not allowed to talk - except in one small room and had to pray 8 times in a 24 hour period!

After returning to modern times, the children had a go at writing with quill pens, smelt the different herbs that grew in the herb garden and learnt to play 9 men's morris.

Unfortunately the rule of silence did not continue!


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