Gloucestershire Nightstop

Gloucestershire Nightstop

This year Cheltenham College’s chosen charity is Gloucestershire Nightstop. Gloucestershire Nightstop works directly with single young homeless people aged 16-25 across the county of Gloucestershire. 

Janet Ellard, from the charity, spoke to the entire College community recently in Chapel to explain about the work of Gloucestershire Nightstop. The charity arranges temporary and emergency accommodation for young homeless people in the homes of trained and vetted individuals (or hosts): it is a community response to a community issue. 


Gloucestershire Nightstop works closely with other organisations to ensure that young people break free from the cycle of homelessness at the earliest opportunity. 

Issy Dickson (U6, A) commented “We are proud to be supporting this wonderful charity throughout the year, and are excited to kick things off this weekend with the Prefect 24 hour challenge.” 

The Cheltenham College Prefects are undertaking a 24 hour run and cycle on 27-28 September. Each prefect will run or cycle for a total of 2 hours, which many shifts taking place throughout the night. In addition many of the Sixth Form will be sleeping rough with only cardboard as shelter to highlight the plight of young homeless people in Gloucestershire and help to raise funds for Gloucestershire Nightstop. 

Lucy Gray (U6, A) added “We are aiming to raise as much money as possible for our chosen charity. The majority of the money raised will go towards enabling the charity to continue it’s wonderful work in helping the least fortunate and some of the most vulnerable in society. With your support we can help these young people break free from the cycle of homelessness at the earliest opportunity.” 

If you would like to support the College Prefects and Gloucestershire Nightstop, please click here to visit their fundraising page. 

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