Grandparents come to tea

Grandparents come to tea

By Jess Steel (5th, Q)

Every other year, Queen’s girls invite their grandparents to House for afternoon tea. This biennial tradition has taken place since 2010 and is a way to strengthen the family feel of the House. Grandparents enjoyed tours around College’s beautiful buildings, were introduced to members of the House and were familiarised with our daily routine. Assistant Housemistress, Mrs Hande, brought a superb selection of scones, clotted cream and jam, and cucumber sandwiches - very traditional and delicious!

I was delighted that my grandparents joined so that I could share with them my experience of everyday life in House. Other grandparents came from Windsor and Wales, and it was lovely to see they made the effort to come so far. It was a very enjoyable afternoon for all and I know that some of them are now planning to come back to Queen’s for Speech Day, which clearly reflects the strong sense of community spirit in College.

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