Green Fingered Year 3

Green Fingered Year 3


Year 3 visited Dundry Nurseries and Butterfly Garden as an introduction to their Science topic on plants and living things. It was a wonderful day, filled with exciting and interesting activities. The children had hands on experience of planting seeds, recycling unwanted materials and learning how to look after seedlings. 

It was also an opportunity to meet new people and learn about their experiences and knowledge of plants. Chris Evans, who runs the centre, was a fount of knowledge about seeds and plants, and even put on a cabaret with some of his staff at lunchtime! The children were fascinated with the varieties of plants on show and how varied the seeds were in size, shape and colour. Everyone loved breaking up tubs of soil, getting up to their elbows in compost and carefully planting a seed in order to wake it up from its slumber and bring it to life.

The centre also recycles many materials for local businesses, including video tapes. The children found it very relaxing spooling tape into bags and watching the staff taking apart the tapes and saving each piece for recycling. All our rubbish from lunch was also sorted and recycled!

At the end of the day, Year 3 boarded the bus with armfuls of plants and seeds which they will now take home to look after. A fantastic way to bring this Science topic to life!


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