Guernsey Tour

Guernsey Tour

Cheltenham College Preparatory School Guernsey Tour
The 28th Guernsey Tour was as successful as any of its many predecessors - fine weather, excellently behaved children and some skilful sporting displays. 

Departing at 05.00 allowed 11.00 starts for the Friday morning hockey fixtures against our hosts for the weekend, Elizabeth College Junior School at Beechwood. A series of evenly contested matches involving our Girls and Boys A and B teams, with Beechwood’s A, B and C teams, then ensued.
Following a most welcome hot lunch after the early start, it was off to Cobo Bay and the long-awaited sand-sculpting, where considerable flotsam and jetsam was evident in some amazingly imaginative creations formed from whatever was available. The Bee, the Smoking Whale and the Beach Horse were particularly eye-catching. 

Cheltenham College Preparatory School Guernsey TourThe afternoon sporting activity saw the girls seek out Ladies College, where we had fixtures v Melrose (Ladies College Junior School) and the first ever ECJS U10 girls team. The boys ventured to the Hockey Club to play the Elizabeth College Y7B XI, their first experience of 11-a-side hockey and a taste of things to come. 

What happened next was the most important and exciting part of the tour - off to host families to spend the night, where all sorts of wonderful experiences were had. The most important were a true island welcome, a hot meal and a sound night’s sleep. 

The Beechwood Mini Hockey Festival saw the Prep enter 4 mixed teams, 2 in each half of the Trophy Competition for A teams and the Medal Competition for B teams. Again some excellent teamwork was displayed playing against boys and girls from Guernsey as well as Jersey, some a couple of years older. The round-robin nature of each festival allowed for plenty of hockey to be played, with the outcome that the Prep Sky team were the Trophy winners, the Royals were 4th; and the Prep Navvies (Navy) team were the Medal winners, with the Turks (Turquoise) finishing 6th. The warm spring sunshine was a magnet for most to go to the beach in the afternoon, with bowling and another evening of island entertainment. It was over all too soon, with some emotional farewells made at the airport on Sunday morning. It seemed that all had a great time!

Cheltenham College Preparatory School Guernsey Tour  Cheltenham College Preparatory School Guernsey Tour  

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