Hairy Hikers 40 mile charity PLOD

Hairy Hikers 40 mile charity PLOD

Cheltenham College Hairy Hikers Action Medical Research for ChildrenLast weekend four Bursars from Cheltenham College - with a combined age of 206 - took on the challenge of ‘The Plod’ to raise funds for Action Medical Research for Children. 

John Champion, Stephen Friling, Andrew Hailes and Kirk Steel completed the 40 mile route in just over 16 hours. Starting at midnight 34 four-member teams made their way over the hills and dales of the Cotswold Way stopping at checkpoints along the way before staggering over the finish line at Cleeve Hill in 5th position, ahead of many younger teams.

What started out as a physical challenge when the four first contemplated the walk at the beginning of March quickly became much more for the group from College. Andrew Hailes commented: “By the end of the walk we all realised that we had taken on something much more important than walking 40 miles. The real challenge was raising funds for the charity.” 

To date the Hairy Hikers, as the College team called themselves, have raised over £4,500 for Action Medical Research for Children, and they are hoping to raise even more. 

Cheltenham College Hairy Hikers Action Medical Research for ChildrenDavid Graham who works for the charity commented “The teams set off at midnight on Friday. The weather was a mixture of beautiful and biblical but for the more outdoorsy types that made it more of a challenge. Not everyone made it and some of the slower teams were finishing at 7pm on Sunday, so they went through a lot of pain to raise money for us. We’d like to thank everyone who took part and the people from the Cotswold Way who helped us put on the event. We’re definitely going to come back.” 

The Hairy Hikers are looking for a new challenge for next year – possibly on bikes next time. 

If you would like to support the Hairy Hikers and Action Medical Research for Children please click here.

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