Happy Grandparents' Day!

Happy Grandparents' Day!

On Saturday 12th September, Kingfisher students played hosts to their families, as the department joined together to celebrate Grandparents’ Day.  

Families were firstly welcomed by Mrs Buttress and treated to tea, coffee and biscuits before heading off around the school to solve the Kingfisher Treasure Hunt. Excited children escorted their grandparents around the different areas of learning; looking for different picture clues in Forest School, the Dining Hall and around the Kingfisher Patio. Back in the classrooms, children were able to demonstrate their abilities on the iPads and show off their cooking skills to grandparents, with some family members becoming a little competitive when icing and decorating their biscuits!


Kingfisher students were very proud to share their school with their Grandparents and to show them how well they had settled in after their first week back at school!


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