Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

Cheltenham Prep celebrated Harvest Festival on Friday in Chapel. The service is an opportunity to give thanks to God that our farmers have safely gathered in the Harvest for another year. Many of the children at the Prep come from villages and hamlets in the Cotswolds and so have a keen awareness of the rural way of life.

Harvest Festival is an opportunity for everyone to thank God for the blessings they enjoy in their own lives, but also reminds us of those who suffer in our community through lack of food, especially those in Cheltenham and Gloucester who are forced to use food banks. Many of the children brought Harvest offerings of food, all of which was donated to 'The Garage'.

'The Garage' is a drop-in centre at the back of Trinity Church near the centre of town in Cheltenham, where volunteers aim to meet the needs of those who are homeless and in other ways vulnerable in our community. Guests can come and relax, drink coffee and enjoy a meal. They can use a hot shower and laundry facilities for washing and drying clothes. They also has a clothing bank for both men and women, and a food bank where non-perishable items can be given out to those in need.


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