Hazelwell volunteer at local community centre

Hazelwell volunteer at local community centre

By William Lait (U6, H)

Three pupils from the Upper Sixth in Hazelwell decided to volunteer at a Soup Café, run by the charity Hazelwell has chosen to support this year, the Cornerstone Centre. William Clayton (U6, H), Lucas Bonfante (U6, H) and myself, all travelled a few minutes down the road to the Cornerstone Centre and were welcomed into an array of smiling faces. Subsequently, having met the regular volunteers, we preceded to serve and then eat lunch with the people there. Whilst some were quiet and secluded, others told stories of 'the old days', with much enthusiasm. One elderly woman, Gwen, was laughing the entire time and this was a testament to how much this weekly event meant to them all. It gave them a chance to meet new people and for some, it was the only time they saw other people in the week. It was an enlightening experience and gave us a fantastic insight into the lives of the older generations, and the trials and tribulations they face compared to ours. 

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