Healthy Eating Entrepreneur Returns to College

Healthy Eating Entrepreneur Returns to College

Old Cheltonian, Sofia Fominova (2008, W), returned to Westalher old boarding house,  to deliver a talk to pupils on her career in the health-food industry and entrepreneurship as part of the Cheltonian Association and Society’s Careers Programme. Sofia’s message was that it is important to have a genuine passion for what you do and that a grounding in hard work and good grades is important no matter what your chosen career.

After graduating from the London School of Economics with a degree in Government and Economics, Sofia set up an organic cold-pressed juice bar in London in 2012 called LabOrganic, serving nutrient-rich fruit and vegetable juices to “inspire busy Londoners to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle”, and which was named one of the top juice bars in London by the Financial Times. LabOrganic also sells a range of salads and sides and offers a delivery option on their juices. Sofia has always maintained a healthy lifestyle but believes her brother’s coeliac disease further encouraged her to experiment in the kitchen. She commented, “I have always appreciated healthy, real, simple and beautiful food and simply wanted to share our passion for healthy eating; food that is abundant with natural, organic wholesome ingredients and is not ruined by preservatives or chemicals. We always had that dream to help the world rediscover the true colours of food and create a place to help people fall in love with eating healthily. This is how LabOrganic was born!”

Recently, in October 2015, Sofia also founded Mealz, a healthy eating social media platform where people can discover and share recipes from their favourite chefs, bloggers and nutritionists as well as adding their own recipes and creating digital, personalised cookbooks and meal plan.

After the talk, Sofia said, “I had a fabulous day in Cheltenham College where I gave a talk about my career and entrepreneurship to lovely Westal girls. I have spent the happiest time of my life in Cheltenham College and I am so incredibly happy to be back here!”

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