Historians Battle It Out

Historians Battle It Out


The Prep’s inaugural House History Competition recognised the talent of our many keen historians. Similar to a University Challenge format, each House submitted four participants: two each from Middle and Upper School, to make up their House History panel.

There were three semi-finals, on topics studied in each of the four years (Round 1 – WWII, Round 2 – Tudors and Stuarts, Round 3 – The Norman Invasion, Round 4 – The Hundred Years War), and then a Grand Final, with more obscure questions, where the two highest scoring teams went head-to-head to be crowned House History Champions 2016! 

Each House Team faced 16 questions. Four of the 16 were directed at each individual team member, with 3 points for the correct answer. If incorrect, the question was opened up to the rest of the team, with the House History Captain submitting the final answer, after discussion, for 2 points. If still incorrect, then the question was offered to the rest of the House and the ‘Question-Master’ would choose a member of the House audience to give an answer for 1 point. If the House gave the wrong answer, the question was closed and the answer was announced.

The semi-finals were excellent, with all Houses scoring over 20 points. The panels performed very well under pressure, but there were also some memorable contributions from those within the House audience! Athens qualified first and Troy were their opposition to battle out the Final, in front of the school. Round 1 was 'Record Breaking Monarchs'. Round 2 focused on the suffragette movement. Round 3 moved to an important anniversary event, the Battle of Agincourt. The competition finished with a Round on the Year 1916, during the First World War. The teams did extremelywell in the face of some very challenging questions. However, Troy, the pre-tournament favourites, scored very highly and were crowned worthy champions!




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