History Comes to Life

History Comes to Life


Pupils in Years 6 and 7 have brought their History Curriculum to life with visits to the historic sites of Coughton Court, Bosworth Battlefield, the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum and Gloucester Cathedral. 

Covering the three different time periods studied in class this year, the Year 6's trip took them to Coughton Court, a Tudor House that played a part in the Gunpowder Plot during the reign of the first Stuart King, and Bosworth Battlefield, the famous site on which the Wars of the Roses ended, where Richard III was killed and the Tudor Period began. 

At Coughton Court, pupils learned about the famous Catholic Throckmorton family, who have lived at the residence for over 600 years. Everyone examined the artefacts there, before exploring the two different churches that were situated in the grounds, one Protestant and one Catholic, giving a unique insight into the differences between the two faiths. We also saw several ‘priest holes’ and actually met one minister, who told us all about the Gunpowder Plot and how more than half of the plotters were linked to the Throckmortons. 

At Bosworth Battlefield the trip split into two groups; the first half looked around the award-winning exhibition, trying on armour, weighing weapons and firing bows. Meanwhile the other half took a tour of the Battlefield, led by an expert who had recently been invited to attend the state funeral of Richard III. We heard how Richard III had looked as though he held the advantages until the Stanley Family betrayed him, and the rest (as they say) is history! 



Year 7 took a wider journey through time at the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum, housed in the Gloucester Docks. Giving a fascinating view into the History of the Gloucestershire Soldiers, the exhibitions begin in 1694, where the pupils travelled through the excellent exhibits of the Napoleonic Wars, the Age of Empire, World Wars, Korea and right up to modern day conflicts. The pupils enjoyed a quiz, which explored each room in detail, before hearing a talk about the local regiments' links to Gloucester Cathedral. 

"The group took a short walk to Gloucester Cathedral where they were treated to a guided tour, particularly focusing on the Norman aspects of the Cathedral, linking in with the Year 7 Syllabus, as well as the Gloucestershire Regimental Chapel, helping put the visit to the Museum into context," said Mr Dickon Baird, Head of History at Cheltenham Prep. "The students demonstrated exemplary behaviour during their visits, and have really captured the significance of our local history."



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