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House Bakery Competition

All pupils in school are encouraged to participate in the House Baking competition. This year the theme is ‘music’, with different sections of the school being asked to bake different items, all with the same musical theme. Recipes and further information is available are available here: 

House Baking Recipes

This year the biscuits, cupcakes and slices of large cakes are being sold at the end of the day to raise money for our School Charity HEAL Romania.

Please ensure entries come in on paper plates or old plates.

All entries need to be handed in as follows:

- Kingfishers: Kingfisher Hall

- Lower School: Lower School Middle Room

- Middle and Upper School: Assembly Hall

 Please note that these need to be in by 08.25 on Monday 19 February 2018.

Please can you let your child bring in £0.50 or £1.00 to allow them to buy some cake on the day, many thanks.

Happy Baking!