House Swimming Gala

House Swimming Gala

The Prep held the House Swimming Gala on the final day of term. The early departure of some of the boarders for long distance flights caused some stress for the Housemasters and Housemistresses as their “wonder teams” became somewhat depleted!  However, the remaining swimmers really stepped up to the plate and got involved in as much as they could with many swimming double their original number of races, and a huge bonus was the amount of parental support on the day.  

The lively spectators really added to the atmosphere on the poolside.  

All the races were fairly well matched with some incredibly close finishes.  It was a good job we had the sharp eyed Mr Maddock as the finish line judge.  

Persia took an early lead and at each score announcement, although the gaps were getting smaller there was no change on the leader board, until………race number 33 when Rome edged 2 points clear at the top for the first time.  It was an exciting build up to the final race – the full house relay which was to be awarded quadruple points and at this stage potentially 4 Houses could have emerged victorious.  

In the end, only 4 points separated the top 2 teams, but much to Dr Gilmour’s delight Rome just managed to hold on to their lead and take the trophy!


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