How to Hunt a Dinosaur

How to Hunt a Dinosaur

Boys and girls from the Kingfishers Cottage have been on a Dinosaur Hunt, discovering all the facts they can about these giant animals. 

Out in the excavation site, some of the children have been digging for fossils. Adverse weather conditions have made this tricky for the young experts, but they have uncovered some very interesting fossils. Investigations are still underway, and the Kingfishers are not yet sure if these fossils are real or not.


In the indoor area of the Dig Site, the mini palaeontologists have been measuring, drawing and inspecting the bones in order to understand them better. Their measuring skills came in handy after a giant footprint was uncovered in the Cottage! The experts have been measuring it using their own feet.  


The children are having so much fun learning about dinosaurs” said Nursery Teacher, Dianne Stovold. “We have some real experts in class who love to share their knowledge, keeping the teachers on their toes - especially when it comes to using the correct pronunciation of dinosaur names!


Exploring in the dinosaur swamp and wearing homemade dinosaur hats has helped the boys and girls to get into the mindset of a dinosaur. Ferocous roars have been heard from across the school!

This week’s paleontology-inspired activities have been part of a wider Dinosaur topic around which all the Spring Term activities in the Cottage and Reception classes are based. Topics from previous terms have included Festivals, Minibeasts and Nursery Rhymes. Kingfishers children enjoy learning through play, and the wide range of outdoor facilities at Cheltenham Prep, including the popular Forest School, allow the children explore the curriculum in a safe and stimulating outdoor environment. The topics ensure children are always growing in confidence, as well as developing a natural curiosity.

Head of Kingfishers Pre-Prep, Rachael Buttress said “child-led investigations and creative work really help us to expand on the children’s interests. The children love discovering new facts for themselves and this topic has really captured everyone’s imagination!” 

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