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How to apply

You can apply for a place at College at any time. At 13+ we recommend that you register a minimum of three years ahead of the proposed year of entry, particularly if you have a specific House preference. Entry to College is normally into the Third Form (Year 9) or Lower Sixth. We do occasionally also have a few places available at 14+ (Year 10). 

To register your son or daughter, simply fill out and submit the Registration Form to the Registrar, together with a non refundable registration fee of £150 (or £75 for children of Old Cheltonians). This secures your child a provisional place and ensures that he or she will be considered for a guaranteed place when the time comes. If your child is already at Cheltenham Prep, there is no additional registration fee and a provisional place has already been secured, but registration for particular House does still need to be made.

For entry at 11+, or any other age younger than Year 9, please refer to the Cheltenham College Prep School Admissions entry section.