Hundreds of Books Find Loving New Home

Hundreds of Books Find Loving New Home

Hundreds of books changed hands this week as pupils in Years 3-8 took part in a Book Swap at the Cheltenham College Preparatory School Library. There was a vast selection of great quality books (including no less than five copies of David Walliams’ Mr Stink!) covering every surface in the Library, and whole classes of smiling faces as pupils poured over the options. The event allowed pupils to bring their pre-loved fiction books to school, delve into the other books on offer and take home two new adventures.

"Here at The Prep we love to read,” said Miss Nicola Massey, the school’s Head of English. “What better way to broaden our minds, increase our vocabulary, inspire our story writing and transport us far and wide, from the comfort of a library beanbag!”

The book swap was just one of many events this year demonstrating the popularity of storytelling and creative writing across all age groups at The Prep. Other events this year have included memorable talks and workshops at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, visits from celebrated children’s authors, (including sports and history novelist, Tom Palmer) and the popular Kingfishers Pre-Prep after school club Wild About Books. The children have been inspired by their extensive reading, leading to the appointment of two Year 8 ‘Poet Laureates’ in September last year. 


Another book swap is due to take place later in the year, specifically for Kingfishers boys and girls. As part of a broad early years reading programme, the event aims to bring the joy of book sharing to the youngest section of the school. The teacher who runs the Wild About Books club, for Pre-Prep pupils aged 5-7 said “Wild About Books club is a place for enjoying wild adventures, with our shoes off and a big cup of hot chocolate. The Kingfishers love storytelling, and sharing books at a book swap will encourage them to find new favourite stories!"

Any remaining books after this successful event will be sold to raise money for The Prep’s charity of the year, Gloucestershire Bundles.

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