I can and I am

I can and I am

By Antonia Stuckey (U6, Q) Head of Queen’s

After hearing James Shone at a staff INSET, Mr and Mme Bates invited him to speak Queen’s. He addressed the girls for an hour about his charity called I can & I am. The concept is that we are all intelligent in different ways and need to recognise our own potential. I really enjoyed his metaphor about ‘keeping our balloon inflated’ and learning from failure. A few tears were shed as he really touched a chord but we all walked out with a big smile on our faces, feeling confident and ambitious. He then talked to Queen’s parents for an hour about promoting resilience and fostering self-esteem in teenage girls, at a time when mental health issues are on the rise. Parents particularly enjoyed the idea of playing gratitude tennis with their daughters and developing key characteristics in their personality. James Shone emphasised the importance of teamwork and pastoral care that is key to Cheltenham College, reminding parents that they should be “between their children at a young age, beside their teenagers to let them learn and behind them as a safety net to allow young adults to grow”.


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