'In the Net' Promotes Safety Online

'In the Net' Promotes Safety Online

Year 4 pupils were treated to a fantastic drama production, "In the Net', by an Alter Ego Theatre Company, a show which meets the growing need to make young people aware of internet safety and the real-world effects of cyber bullying. 


The dangers of using the internet were brought to life through a story about a character called 'Dotty' who had been unkind to a friend online. She learned what happened with the information that she sent and how it couldn't be taken back. The main lesson the pupils learnt was that being unkind to someone online is exactly the same as being unkind to someone in real life. 

The story also explained what we should do if we encounter inappropriate, unsafe websites or anything that doesn't seem right. This fantastically fun piece of children's theatre complemented Computing lessons at Cheltenham Prep which cover practical techniques for browsing the internet safely. 

Head of Lower School, Mrs Amanda Grieves said "the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the production, but at the same time have learnt some very valuable rules for using the internet safely and responsibly."


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