It's a Monk's Life

It's a Monk's Life


Year 4 have experienced many aspects of the life of a monk during a visit Gloucester Cathedral, to kick-start their Vikings topic. The aim of the trip was to find out what happened after the Anglo-Saxon period, and the focus started with religion. All the pupils now know what life was life for a monk and will move on to learn about the attack on Lindisfarne and how the Vikings began their reign of Britain. 

During the exploration of the Cathedral, everybody got into traditional monks' robes and set about visiting the main grounds. It was great to see pupil taking on the role of a monk and acting this out throughout the morning! The pupils found out a lot of information and will be using this in class over the next couple of weeks. Overall, everyone had a great time, has learnt a lot and are now ready to take the topic further.

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