Journey to Space for Young Scientists

Journey to Space for Young Scientists

Cheltenham Prep were delighted to host the annual Young Scientists' Day, in partnership with Cheltenham Science Festival. This years’ theme was Space, and pupils from surrounding schools came to experience an exciting carousel of Science and Design Technology sessions, exploring the universe. 

In the Biology activity, pupils investigated unknown soil samples in order to identify life. They looked for signs of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins as possible indicators of living creatures. The results from the investigations mirrored those done in the Viking missions that first analysed the surface of Mars in the 1970s. Pupils worked in the brand new Science labs and thoroughly enjoyed the practical experiments, looking like real scientists wearing safety goggles and white lab coats.

In Chemistry, the pupils investigated the use of hydrogen. Balloons with hydrogen went off with a bang and they conducted an experiment to see if they could get that ‘squeaky pop’ to show that hydrogen was present. An explosive and memorable session!


The Design Technology activity allowed the pupils to build and design their own rocket, culminating in the opportunity to fire their rockets using compressed air. The challenge focused on distance and direction travelled, while trying to hit an ‘alien’ target. Much fun was had on the Prep School fields, firing the rockets high into the sky!


The exciting day finished with a fascinating talk by Professor Andrea Sella, a professor from University College London and frequent contributor to BBC Science documentaries and radio programmes. The children were enthralled by his batch of amazing dry ice (and a large slice of a delicious space themed cake!).

Director of Learning at Cheltenham Prep, and organiser of the event, Gill Barrett said "My thanks go to Cheltenham Festivals for giving us the opportunity to host this special day, designed to promote Science and Design Technology to young and enthusiastic learners across Cheltenham. The pupils had an amazing day."

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