Keeping Britain Trading

Keeping Britain Trading

The Economics Society heard a talk by the CEO of Associated British Ports this week, Mr James Cooper (second generation OC and current College parent). Mr Cooper spoke about the future of UK trade in the context of Brexit and wider global political and economic developments. He set out what he thinks life outside the Single Market will look like, in terms of ‘cliff edges’ and ‘cakes’ as well as with charts and statistics.

Will Hardy (U6, S), who has an offer to read Economics at the University of Cambridge, said, "Mr Cooper, through providing us with an insider's view into the complexities of Britain's international trade environment, expertly took us through the potential future of British trade. Moving beyond the political white noise, Mr Cooper explained in depth the economic possibilities of future UK trade with both the EU and the world outside the single market, though acknowledged the danger that self-destructive political decisions posed to free trade in the future. Overall, it was a thoroughly interesting and enjoyable evening."

Mr Cooper also addressed the group of Lower Sixth students who are engaged in the College’s mini-MBA programme. For these students, who are in the process of preparing their own business plans which will be presented to a panel of judges at the end of this term, there was some invaluable guidance about managing a business and creating a culture of success. 

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