Kingfishers Attend Cinderella's Ball

Kingfishers Attend Cinderella's Ball

Once upon a time... the children in the Nursery decided to hold a Ball to celebrate the end of their 'Once Upon A Time' topic this term. First, they talked about what a good party would need. Some thoughts were: lots of food, loud music, fun games and special guests. So staff went to work to make their dreams a reality! The children had to think of a special guest that they could invite, and there was no hesitation - the VIP had to be the gingerbread man himself! Together they composed their invitation to him and waited in anticipation. The excitement mounted as the afternoon went on. They arrived at their Ball and had a dance with their chosen partner before proceeding to the dining table. There was great delight and joy when they realised that the gingerbread man and his friends had indeed accepted their invitation! 


Reception class also enjoyed a grand Cinderella ball! Invitations to this event were coveted by children and staff alike and the children sent out invitations to the lucky few: all invitations were accepted! After much debate this week about what they would wear, the class all brought elegant and glamorous outfits. The general consensus was that they all looked amazing, and certainly fit for such a high class event. The 'champagne' flowed as they waltzed and boogied the afternoon away, with disco balls and balloons to set the scene. Delicate cupcakes were consumed as polite discussions were held on whose outfit was the best and whose shoes they would like to try on. Mrs Carson, Mr Theedom, Mrs Conner and Miss Kent (who attended on Mr Whybrow’s behalf) enjoyed the afternoon tremendously! Reception children had lots to say about their magical afternoon: Ludo said "I liked dancing with Zandra" and Bobby said "I liked weraing my bow tie!".


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