Kingfishers Prepare to be Proud

Kingfishers Prepare to be Proud

On Friday afternoon all Kingfisher children, from The Cottage to Year 2, welcomed their families into school as we hosted our first Open Afternoon of the year! The children had prepared their books, folders and pictures ready for viewing and after escorting their mums, dads and grandparents into the classrooms, showed off their work and shared their achievements. 


The children were soon reading stories they had written, explaining how they had solved Maths problems and describing how they had created models, paintings or collages. It was fantastic to hear the children explaining what targets they were working towards or how the ‘Green for Go’ and ‘Pink for Think’ comments from their teachers were shared in our Friday Feedback time. The atmosphere in Kingfishers was one of excitement and enthusiasm but above all pride, in themselves and what they had achieved since our academic year began.


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