Lambs rugby

Lambs rugby

Congratulations to Paddy Tarleton (U6, NH) for being selected for the final U18 Lambs Squad. He made his first appearance last weekend at Hartbury College against the Irish Exiles, sadly the Lambs lost to a last minute drop goal.

The independent Schools Rugby Football Club known as 'The Lambs" was set up in 2006 to provide representative rugby opportunities for talented players where they did not exist before. Rugby should and can be a game of perfect balance, a game where creative expression and physical courage meet in harmony.

The Lambs aim to move away from over-prescriptive, boot-led rugby and rugby give players the opportuniy to play 'Fast and Free'. The ethos for the Lambs is for players to play heads-up rugby with the ball in hand allowing players to have full reign with their creative rugby abilities without being shackled by a win at all costs mentality. To win is good but to win playing the game in the right way is even better.

We wish Paddy every success.

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