Let's Get Cooking

Let's Get Cooking

The Cookery Club has had great fun this term as well as picking up some useful domestic skills; from drawing up shopping lists and budgeting per head, to discussing the merits of a perfect short crust or concocting new hors d’oeuvres. With twelve Third Form each week in the Boyne House kitchen, it was certainly a challenge, but one they all accepted enthusiastically and with some yummy results. Highlights included designing and constructing their own pizzas, as well as making quiches from scratch (including the pastry!), which although ambitious, certainly paid off in the taste test at the end! The chorizo and mozzarella parcels and cheese straws were delicious, with some more excellent pastry skills on show, and this week’s finale saw our Third Form cooks making some beautiful Easter nests as a great send off after a fun fuelled term. It has been a great weekly social too, I will l miss our club during the Summer Term, but look forward to its return next year!

Mrs Tamaryn Penney

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