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Letter From The President

September 2017

Dear Society Member, 

The Cheltonian Society and the Cheltonian Association, following the agreement of the Association, and the agreement of Old Cheltonians (OCs) at an EGM of the Cheltonian Society on 22 April, are now one group. The new body will be called The Cheltonian Society and membership is automatic for current and past parents, pupils, staff  and friends of College. 


There is a committee (the Cheltonian Society Committee) with representatives of all members of the Cheltonian Society including at least ten OCs who will have executive control over Old Cheltonian matters, whether it be OC funds, the support given to the OC sporting clubs and the awarding of the OC tie or scarf. A new set of rules has been agreed and I am confident that there is every reason to expect the Society to go from strength-to-strength. Paul Arengo-Jones, who runs the Cheltonian Endowment Trust (bursaries and travel awards), also sits on the committee. We are keen to consider new members of the committee, young or old, male or female and if anyone is interested, they should contact the Cheltonian Society office.


But any organisation is only as good as the people who are running it and the involvement of the members. This is a call to arms for everyone to engage with College as much as possible and for College to engage with you. Much is being achieved by College at the moment and much is being achieved by Old Cheltonians – but not everyone is aware of what is going on. For this, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of communication. In addition to the website, there are four quarterly Newsletters. With regard specifically to the Old Cheltonian sports clubs, we encourage you to take part. With regard to Rackets, there are not many schools who can say that they have Old Cheltonian World Champions. The OC golf society is thriving and has a number of excellent fixtures and the OC cricket club takes part in the Cricketer Cup every year. If there are more OCs who want to play OC cricket, we can arrange more fixtures. In addition, the OC sailing club and the OC hockey club are always looking for participants.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Robin Badham-Thornhill (H, 1973)

President of The Cheltonian Society