Little Actors' Super Summer Performance

Little Actors' Super Summer Performance


Boys and girls in Kingfishers has astounded audiences this week with their amazing Summer Performances! Performing to staff and parents, the little actors and actresses did themselves proud, delivering their lines with excellent timing and singing well-rehearsed songs with enthusiasm. 

The children in the Cottage and Reception gave a performance that was out-of-this-world, when they sang and acted their hearts out in their play Space Adventure. They saw Aliens from the Cottage going around the world in flying saucers, heard all about the planets in our solar system, and visited Captain T, Captain I and Captain M in the International Space Station before catching a rocket home again!



Jonah and the Whale was a fantastic musical, by Kingfishers in Years 1 and 2. The set was a mix of well-worn, unremarkable items arranged meticulously, as well as some creativity from the staff! It began with a happy, slightly goofy town handyman Jonah. He fixes the same old things for the same old endearing characters in town and tends to his beloved town clock. When tragedy strikes, small-town Jonah embarks on a cross-country journey trying to outrun his guilt and his recurring nightmares, until he finds himself in a storm. Jonah is thrown off of his ship, and from the belly of a giant whale, rediscovers his relationship with God. All the children played such an important part in making the production a success: from the many-legged sea creatures and glamorous Spanish dancers to the fearsome bearded pirates. Well done Kingfishers! 



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