MFL Murder Mystery

MFL Murder Mystery

Thirlestaine Long Gallery became the scene of a Mansion House Murder Mystery on Monday evening as Sixth Form linguists and members of the languages department became suspects in the international versions of Cluedo. Introductory drinks and tapas were followed by a run through of the rules and then some strategic game play, all conducted in Spanish, French and German.

C’était Monsieur Moutarde, dans la salle de bains, avec le chandelier? No, era Señor Prado, en la cocina, con la pistola! Students got well and truly into the spirit of the game and some of them adopted their allocated roles extremely convincingly! Mr Byrne triumphed in the French game and Alena Gorb (L6, A) was the chief Spanish sleuth.

The MFL Society will be arranging further events as the year progresses and we would be interested to hear from any parents or OCs who use languages in their day-to-day work who might be interested in attending the Languages in Careers Speed Dating event in February. Please contact Mrs Ester Leach if you would like to be involved.

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