Martin Daubney visits College

Martin Daubney visits College

With easy access to the internet, and therefore to online pornography, College believes that is important to educate young people about aspects of technology-usage. It is vital for pupils to realise that the misconceptions online pornography can create can be harmful for boys as well as girls. As pupils may not feel comfortable discussing this topic with parents or teachers in the first instance, College invited Martin Daubney to talk to Third and Fourth Form pupils.

Martin (now a parent) is a past editor of Loaded magazine and has worked with individuals struggling to overcome their addiction to pornography when making a Channel 4 documentary Porn on the Brain. Martin was able to provide an open and credible account of the potential dangers of online pornography and the impact it can have on young people’s lives. Martin also explained how technology can manipulate individuals. He advised pupils to think and take control rather than allowing the internet to control them. Martin discussed how pornography can create difficulties with self-esteem for both boys and girls if they feel physically inadequate or feel a pressure to meet perceived expectations. The clear message about consent was that ‘no’ means ‘no’.

Martin assured pupils that parents would want to help with any problems their children were encountering, however awkward the conversation, rather than being unaware and therefore unable to help. If you are interested to read more about the talks Martin gives in schools, please click here.

Pupil feedback about the talk was that it was engaging, informative and got them thinking. The follow-up discussion in tutor groups focused on respectful, healthy relationships.


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