Marvellous Mentors

Marvellous Mentors

As part of ongoing developments and improvements to the wellbeing and PSHE programme at Cheltenham Prep, a Peer Mentor scheme into School this year. Back in the summer term, Dr Kerry Samuel and Mrs Sarah Reid, Head of Upper School, spent some time training Year 7 pupils on different skill groups required to mentor other pupils, such as: 

  • effective listening skills 
  • reading body language
  • understanding that we can’t always fix problems but we can listen!
  • empathy and sympathy
  • working through different scenarios and thinking and talking about “what to do if...”

Those mentors, who are now Year 8 pupils, are rolling the scheme out throughout the School. 18 new Year 8s are now fully trained and ready to put their new skills to good use! Since the beginning of term, boys and girls across all sections of the school have been encouraged to get to know the Peer Mentors, through different activities such as “Wake and Shake” with Lower School; playing with pupils in Kingfishers and reading buddies for younger pupils across the Year groups. The mentors introduced themselves in the Middle School assembly too, showing everyone how confident they are in their new roles. It’s hoped that this level of interaction will make pupils feel confident to approach Peer Mentors if they’re having any problems, with friends for example – or anything at all at School which is worrying them.

 Peer Mentors are easily recognisable by a yellow shield worn on their blazer, which is discreet yet visible to all pupils. The boys and girls are taking their responsibilities very seriously, and staff are looking forward to seeing them promote positive bonds between all sections of the school.

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