Meet the Prefect

Meet the Prefect

Tara Percival (U6, Ch) is Head of Chandos and the first Prefect to answer our questions about life at College.

  • What A Levels are you taking and what thoughts do you have for the future?

This year, I am studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths and once I leave College, I am hoping to study Medicine at university and specialise in Pathology.

  • What made you want to be a College Prefect?

I wanted to become a College Prefect because I love the responsibility that comes with it! I also really enjoy working with a team of prefects who are extremely organised and committed to making College a better place. 

  • How has being a Prefect helped your leadership skills?

Being a Prefect has aided my leadership skills by allowing me to help communicate and coordinate with both the Prefects and Committee Chairs in Chandos and the College Prefects. This ability to organise an effective team has provided me with the essential skills that I will most probably need in the future! 

  • What is your favourite meal at College?

My favourite meal at College has to be pulled pork with sweet potato fries. The catering team here works extremely hard to provide food for the whole school but despite cooking for all the staff and pupils, the food tastes amazing!

  • If you could make one new rule for College what would it be?

I think my rule would have to be that no prep should be set on Mondays so that we have time to catch up on work that we didn't get round to doing on the weekend!

  • What will you miss most about College?

I will really miss my year group at College. Over the past two years especially, I have found that I have become close with people that I did not necessarily see that much of when in Lower College. I'll definitely miss lots of people in my year once we all leave and will keep in touch with my closest friends.

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