Meet the Prefect

Meet the Prefect

This week we find out more about Josh Stanton, Chair of Pupil Voice. 

  • What A Levels are you taking and what thoughts do you have for the future? 

The subjects I am taking at A Level are Physics, Geography and Economics, and I aspire to study aeronautical and aerospace engineering at Nottingham University in September. 

  • What made you want to be a College prefect? 

I wanted to be a College prefect to have the ability to lead my year group and the school, and help to make contributions to the ever-improving  state of College.

  • How has being a prefect helped your leadership skills?

Being a prefect has massively improved my leadership ability. It has taught me how to delegate, improve organisation,  and how to encourage members of my team when motivation is low.

  • What is your favourite meal at College?

My favourite meal would have to be bangers and mash. I love the new catering, and the selection of sausages and the onion gravy is delicious too! 

  • If you could make one new rule for College what would it be?

My new rule for College would be that prefects should be allowed Segway to get around school!

  • What will you miss most about College?

I will miss the massive sense of community that College has. The ability to walk into any room in the boarding house and be confident to talk to anyone there about anything is truly unique. I will also miss singing in chapel, there is no environment quite like it, and it often is the highlight of my day!

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