Meet the Prefect

Meet the Prefect

Cheltenham College's Head Girl, Ankita Mediratta (U6, W) is in the spotlight this week.

  • What A Levels are you taking and what thoughts do you have for the future?

I am taking Theology, Philosophy and Ethics, Spanish and Politics. I am going to read Theology at university because I am very passionate about the subject and think that it has so much relevance to today’s world. I am not entirely sure about a career at the moment, however I am currently thinking of doing a Masters in International Business and Management which would lead to a career in this area – but this is just an idea and hopefully will become clearer whilst I am at university.

  • What made you want to be a College Prefect?

College has given me the confidence to have high ambitions, to believe in myself, and it has also given me so many incredible opportunities. This is what drove me to be a College Prefect; it is my way of giving back to the school and to show my appreciation. I always had the goal of becoming Head Girl since I joined in Fourth Form as the desire that I had to lead a group of people with a shared goal and to have the chance to shape the decisions that are made on behalf of the pupil body was, and still is, very powerful.

  • How has being a Prefect helped your leadership skills?

Being a College Prefect gives you the chance to gain so many valuable life skills. From the leadership-training day that we had at the beginning of the year, to day-to-day experiences, I find that I am learning something about leadership all the time. Whether it be taking minutes in a meeting, doing the 24-hour charity run, giving a talk in Chapel – you are broadening your horizons constantly. But what you really realise is that when it comes to leadership, it isn’t about the title at all but what you can inspire others to do and I hope that this is a skill that all current and future College Prefects have. 

  • What is your favourite meal at College?

My favorite meal at College is from Valens and is the tomato and basil soup and chicken coronation jacket potato. My favorite dessert would have to be the chocolate krispie cake.

  • If you could make one new rule for College what would it be?

My rule would be that all exeats would be three nights long and start on a Thursday evening after sports.

  • What will you miss most about College?

I will really miss the sense of community that we have here at College and the pupils and staff who create this atmosphere. I have also made amazing friends during my time at College and will miss them a lot! I will also miss certain areas of college such as Chapel and the Dining Hall – both because of the memories that I have in them and the beautiful buildings themselves.

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