Meet the Prefect

Meet the Prefect

College  prefect , Lucy Hall (U6, Ch), tells us about herself and life at College in this week's 'Meet the  Prefect ' 

  • What A Levels are you taking and what thoughts do you have for the future?

English Literature, Latin and Drama. I hope to go to university to study Classics. The dream is to get into creative writing and film production.

  • What made you want to be a College prefect?

I’m in my seventh year at College (from Cheltenham Prep to here) and I just wanted to give something back to the school. Nowadays you need a prefect body that can lead the school into the future and change the school for the better to adapt to this, and I thought that’s something I want to help with.

  • How has being a prefect helped your leadership skills?

I’ve learned that to lead well you have to be respected but must also have respect for everyone else; you have to be freely available to everyone and anyone who needs you; and, at the end of the day, listening is key: how can you possibly help anyone if you aren’t listening to what they want?

  • What is your favourite meal at College?

Popcorn Chicken. I’m also a fan of double-pudding Tuesday – it’s a thing I made up because generally the puddings on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are too good just to get one. So I get two. It’s fairly self-explanatory.

  • If you could make one new rule for College what would it be?

Either I would scrap half the exams/tests we do (because who needs the extra stress?) or I would make Monday a sort-of school day, and by which I mean that we would have the day off but it would be devoted to reading. I’ve always believed that the best education comes from books.

  • What will you miss most about College?

All the friends and people I’ve met in different years. I love seeing them every day around school and I really hope I stay in contact with them all. Also the staff – the staff are awesome.

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