Memory and Conflict

Memory and Conflict

Congratulations to the whole of the Third Form for their efforts in their independent project, the Headmaster's Prize 2014. This is the third year that we have run the initiative and the third year that every project was submitted on time. The quality and range of work was quite outstanding and while the prizewinners (detailed below) deserve to be highly commended, every pupil should be congratulated for the effort put in.    

Over the Christmas holidays, the whole year group was tasked with the project, based on the theme of “Conflict and Memory”. The pupils could interpret the theme and format their project as they wished – the idea was to get them to step away from the mainstream curriculum and to be creative and independent in their thinking. It was a chance for them to explore an interest in depth and to start developing the kind of independent learning and research skills that will help them stand out from the crowd.    

The range of work was outstanding and included movies, posters, art installations, games, poetry, textiles and DT projects, essays, music compositions, science experiments, scrapbooks, and many more. The range of interpretations of the theme was no less varied.  

Naturally as 2014 marks the centenary of the First World War, some pupils chose to further their understanding of world conflicts such as the Great War and modern conflicts such as those in Iraq and Afghanistan. Others focused on specifics such as children in warzones such as Sierra Leone or animals in conflict. Others chose areas such as the conflict between cultural and commercial interests in London; inner conflicts such as PTSD, Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia. Others chose to focus on the memory side of the theme and created projects on remembrance; wartime memories; the memory of water; how to improve one’s memory and synesthesia.   Projects submitted included: a restored First World War army boot with a handmade poppy; a pinafore dress made of recycled material printed with wartime scenes; a video documentary and music composition on the effects of PTSD; the diary of a teenager being bullied at school; a sculpture of a head made from old cogs, scrap metal and a bicycle chain; Plus many many more!    

Every single project was individually marked this term by the Third Form tutors. The Headmaster and the Deputy Head (Academic) then judged the projects and chose overall prizewinners. The prizewinners have been announced and the prizes will be awarded at the end of this term in the Headmaster's Assembly. The projects have been on display in an Open Exhibition, curated by the College Art Department, for parents and pupils to view since half term.   

Miss Proudlove, Head of Third Form, commented: "At College we strongly believe in the importance of independent learning and this project is designed to help pupils develop that skill. We want to give our pupils an opportunity to go beyond the mainstream curriculum and to challenge themselves, to think creatively and to have the freedom to express themselves in whatever medium they choose. Last year I didn’t think we could improve on the standard of the projects but I have been proved wrong. The pupils really engaged with the thought-provoking theme and I have been absolutely stunned by the quality of the work produced. I am very proud of our talented pupils pupils for their work that they have done and I hope that the vast array of prizes we have awarded and the beautiful exhibition, kindly curated by the College Art department, is just reward for their efforts.”   

Laura Morris (3rd, W) commented: "I really enjoyed doing the Headmaster's Project and I had the freedom to do what I want with the project and to be creative but also keeping to a topic. It has been a real learning experience."

Jack Mitchell (3rd, NH) said: "I found the Headmaster's Project an informative and fun challenge in which I have learnt a lot about the different aspects involved in memory and conflict."

Main prizewinners:  

Overall winner – a handmade book entitled “Memory” containing popups with tips on how to improve your memory, by Tiffany Wong   

Runners up – “A Conflict of Interest” by Euan Bourhill 

“All Around the Bowl” by Freddie White 

“PTSD: a documentary and music composition” by Oliver Ferris 

“War Diaries” by Pablo Espona Barbara 

“Make Do and Mend: a wartime pinafore dress” by Laura Morris  

For a full list of prize winners click here 


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