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Vision and Values

Here at Newick House, we believe in nurturing the whole person, giving them the self-awareness and self-belief to be young men who do good and do well.

We encourage this process through four stages:

Community – As boys first arrive, we work hard to help them feel part of a special community, through shared experience, shared learning and most importantly, through shared fun.

Optimism – Displaying enthusiasm and encouraging a can-do positive mind-set. Adolescence can be a tricky time for young men and much of our work through these years is helping the boys to understand their strengths and weaknesses, building their self-confidence.

Resourcefulness and rigour – As Mugglistonites move into the next phase of their journey, we endeavour to help them become resourceful, to learn from failures and successfully overcome challenges. Part of this is demanding the most from oneself academically.  

Empathy – We have young men in our midst who are blessed with tremendous talents and privileges, but integral to all of our leadership roles, fundraising, mentoring and duties is a sense of looking out for others, and developing emotional intelligence and social conscience.

We hope that these will be sayings that the boys will hold onto, rooting and grounding them so that their choices throughout life can be both beneficial and beneficent.