Naval Cadets Practise Their Skills on Water

Naval Cadets Practise Their Skills on Water

The Fourth Form Naval CCF cadets have been practising their skills on the water. A group of CCF cadets travelled to South Cerney to take part in kayaking and paddle boarding. Afloat training is a requirement of the Naval syllabus and will help them progress to the next qualification, however, it was also a chance for them to take part in a fun activity after a day of lessons. They learnt to work with each other and greatly improved their water skills. Lt Harrison, Officer in Charge of Naval CCF, commented, “Some of the cadets had not kayaked before and it wasn’t long before they capsized! It was very rewarding to see the same cadets paddling away confidently by the end of the training session." The cadets thoroughly enjoyed the session, despite getting wet.

Four Fourth Formers, Robbie Carson (4th, S), Chloe Degnan (4th, Ch), Judith Gibitz (4th, Ch) and Army cadet Rory Pleydell (4th, S), undertook a day’s sailing from Portsmouth across the Solent to Bembridge on the Isle of Wight and back. There was enough wind to make the trip in time; it was a beautifully sunny day and the cadets stopped for lunch on the Isle of Wight. As novice sailors, it was a great opportunity for the cadets to start yachting and they are keen to try again in September. They learnt how to rig the sails, handle them, adjust the sails to the wind strength and helm the boat, all under the instruction of a qualified Yacht Master.

The Naval CCF headquarters organises a range of courses throughout the holidays, many of them awarding Royal Yachting Association qualifications, and it is hoped this trip will inspire the cadets to undertake further sailing training and apply for the Competent Crew course.

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