Oh la la - French Day in Kingfishers!

Oh la la - French Day in Kingfishers!

Quelle journée!

Boys and girls in Kingfishers celebrated everything great about French food, culture and language during their special Frenchy Day! Everyone dressed up and the costumes were quite a sight to behold: bleu, blanc, rouge partout! There were strings of oignons, des moustaches, des bérets and even a Coco Chanel and some famous French joueurs de Rugby et de Foot! What impressive outfits. It was fantastic to see everyone involved and speaking French throughout Kingfishers, all day long. Nursery boys and girls sang and danced to Sur le pont d’Avignon and enjoyed ordering croissants and pains au chocolat at snack time. At lunchtime everyone had a go at ordering in French – un sandwich au fromage ou au jambon et des glaces…. au chocolat, à la fraise et à la vanille.

C’était délicieux! Squeals of delight could be heard from the dining hall! 



Some pupils were busy researching facts for a quiz about France’s geography and culture and all had the chance to practise and extend vocabulary learned in their lessons with each other and with their teachers. Activities included making un bilboquet (a cup and ball game), painting flags, whilst some Kingfishers shopped for fruit at our mini-market and some classes tasted madeleines and crêpes. Colours and numbers were practised with a game of la pétanque outside and in the afternoon year 2 enjoyed learning Seurat’s pointillism painting technique with much success. We made fortune tellers, performed a French play and watched a short French film... and the day was complete. Thank you to everyone who made it a day to remember.

Merci tout le monde! 

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