Old Cheltonian Career Links

Old Cheltonian Career Links

Tim Arengo-Jones (BH 1990 - 95), CEO of Eclectica Asset Management visited Boyne House to deliver a talk to Sixth Form students who had expressed an interest in working in the finance industry, particularly within hedge funds. He described how hedge funds operate and differ from other areas of financial services. Neil Hacker (U6, H) explained “Hedge funds are able to employ a wider variety of strategies than a typical mutual fund which usually only operate in simpler more risk averse areas such as equity markets. However a hedge fund can use futures and derivatives as well as other more sophisticated strategies as they aim to make an absolute profit every quarter as opposed to a mutual fund simply outperforming its benchmark. Tim also spoke about the structure of hedge fund firm which typically employ less than 20 people; he also mentioned how the hedge fund focuses mainly on one individual fund and that all of their resources are devoted to the one fund.”

Tim also spoke about his career path into the industry and informed students about the usefulness of gaining work experience early and joining investing groups while at university. Alex Hewer (U6, S) commented, “I have always wanted to go into the hedge fund industry and the talk gave me more of an insight into how the industry operates and the range of strategies different funds use. After the talk I spoke further to Tim about his current macroeconomic views and any advice he could give me in trying to pursue a career in the industry. Tim kindly gave me his business card and said to contact him if I had any further questions. Since then I have been in contact with Tim and he is working on getting me some work experience at his fund, which would be a huge opportunity for me, and I greatly appreciate him coming into College to speak to us.”

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