One hundred days of learning

One hundred days of learning

In Kingfishers this week, everyone celebrated our 100th day of school! We are now 100 days smarter, and enjoyed a day of creative and maths challenges and activities around the number 100. Year 2 were amazed by the decorations they discovered when they arrived at school that morning. "When I walked in to Kingfishers, I thought a workman had made the display that I had to walk through," said Jack, in class 2D, "but it was actually Ms Duggan, Mrs Randell and Mrs Harris. It felt ticklish, it was amazing!" Hattie, also in 2D got stuck in: "We made hedgehogs with 100 spikes," she said. The hedgehog challenge was just one of many, with boys and girls making necklaces from 100 Cheerios and building a model using 100 pieces of LEGO. 


The celebrations certainly caught the imaginations of the boys and girls in Year 1: " I drew a picture of what I think I will look like when I am 100!" said Charles, from class 1B, whilst others enjoyed colouring a 'Happy 100th Day of School' picture. Some children had brought in things from home, like Edward from 1J, who said "I brought in a jigsaw with 100 pieces which we are making".



When asked what the favourite part of their day was, Reception class boys and girls said they most enjoyed putting 100 seeds in lots of plant pots and covering them up with soil, as well as pretending to be witches and wizards, counting 100 eyeballs into a magic potion and stirring the pot!

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