Otters Relay Championships

Otters Relay Championships

The Otters National Relay Championships generated great excitement this year with the event being held in the superb Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park in London. This was indeed an historic event as it was the first competition to be held there since the 2012 London Olympics.

The standard of entries was therefore high, as the venue attracted the cream of entries from all over the country. College entered a team in every event.

Boys taking part were:

Isaac Gibbard - Capt (L6, S)
Kelvin Lei (4th, BH)
Adrian Wong (U6, NH)
Alexey Gordeev (U6, BH)
Alex Chiu (L6, H)

Girls swimmers were:

Pippa Hughes - Capt (U6, Q)
Emily Campbell (4th, Ch)
Jules Mackness (U6, A)
Yvie Seville (5th, Ch)
Bea Martin-Harrington (L6, Q)

Competition was fierce. The boys certainly found the standard exceptionally high, but personal best times were still achieved by Alexey Gordeev and Isaac Gibbard. Unfortunately, the boys failed to final in either the freestyle relay or the medley relay events.

The girls’ results however were very encouraging as they were placed as reserve finalists in the Dunelm Cup (medley relay), but achieved a fantastic result in the Aldenham Cup (freestyle relay), making the final.  Whilst they finished in sixth place in this final, they missed out on bronze medals by just 0.8 of a second.

It was an excellent day.  The 10 swimmers were delighted to have this once in a lifetime opportunity, they swam with total commitment and they were all excellent ambassadors for College. 


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