Perfect Performances from Queen's

Perfect Performances from Queen's

Queen’s hosted their most enjoyable Performance Evening yet with all the girls and most of the parents in TLG. Chloe Holliday (Head of Drama) and Pippy Kohler (Head of Music) hosted a great show with all year groups represented on stage across 20 acts, from dancing, violin, piano, sketches and singing to dubsmash and video star projects. Here is a quick interview with some of the girls:

Bella, as a new Third Former, was it what you expected?

It was even better than what I thought it would be like! It has been one of the best evenings of the year so far. All of the acts were great and really entertaining. I know I will do it again next year because I love drama and singing but more importantly, it is so fun just standing up there in front of all your friends. The atmosphere was great!

Chloe, how stressful was it to organise?

Well, the first couple of weeks were definitely not easy - trying to inspire the year groups to work rehearsing a masterpiece into their busy schedules was difficult. Yes, at the start of the process it was really very stressful! But, once the hype of the evening began to build, and Pippy and I started to pester everyone, it all seemed to fall together nicely. It was hugely rewarding and definitely worth the initial stress.

Pippy, what did you learn from the experience?

It’s safe to say that I’ve learned a lot from this experience. First and foremost is to not take myself too seriously, house singing is meant to be fun and it was important to me to make sure that rehearsals were as enjoyable as possible, despite being admittedly extensive. Secondly, I learned that it is important to lead by example, if Chloe and I are willing to show off our horrendous dancing, others are more inclined to do the same. I would never have dared to be on stage in Third Form and look at me now! I am still a shy person, but I have had to take the lead and loved it.

Bella, what acts did you enjoy the most?

My favourite acts were probably the Upper Sixth dance they had put so much time and effort into it and it came out great. I loved the soloists Annabelle Rigg, Jess Steel and Lily Cutts: they were all incredible. It must have been really hard standing up there singing to around 120 people, especially for Lily because it was her first year in College and she wrote the song herself, so it was very personal.

Chloe, what acts did you enjoy the most?

I think I speak for most of the crowd in saying that one of the highlights was definitely Charlotte Burnett’s backwards words! What was better than the actual act was seeing everyone’s awestruck expressions as she seamlessly spelt ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ backwards. I have to admit I felt extremely relieved that everyone else enjoyed that act as much as Pippy and I did.

Pippy, what acts did you enjoy the most?

It’s definitely a struggle to decide which acts were my favourite because I have to say I enjoyed all of them. What I like about Queen’s Performance Evening is that we don’t take it too seriously and we encourage a broad range of acts; I enjoyed the piano with Zara and Jemima, Les Misérables songs and the 4F dance. I’m just happy that Queen’s girls are brave enough to present their weird and wonderful talents on stage for all to enjoy.  

Bella, what did people in your year do?

People in my year performed a large variety of ‘strange’ acts. There was Lily’s amazing voice singing “Keep on Climbing”. We then had Charlotte Maddinson and Charlotte Kirkham acting with our matrons Mrs Griffiths and Mrs Hande in their own little skit about what a typical school day is as a Queen’s matron - it was really funny. We also had Georgie Maclaren and Annabel Watkin who were very nervous to begin with but I knew they would really enjoy it – they played the piano and the violin. It was one of the highlights of my evening seeing my best friends getting over their nerves and coming out with such a great performance. Well done them!

Chloe, who did you announce as your successors?

I announced Alicia Burd as the new Head of Drama, and Pippy announced Zara Wynne as the new Head of Music. I felt particularly compelled to award Alicia with the Head of Drama title, as I’m confident she’ll pull off all of the responsibilities of the job to a high standard. Furthermore, Zara was the natural choice for Head of Music, her plans for House Music have been brewing for years!

Pippy, any advice for them?
I won’t deny that being Head of Drama or Music is a stressful position of responsibility to undertake. I would say that it’s crucial to start early (although we say that every year) and stick to your guns. You may not be able to please everyone in the House but being confident with your decisions is a fundamental part of being a successful leader. I have every confidence that Zara and Alicia will be excellent with the upcoming House Play and House Singing. They will also need to support each other; good luck and fingers crossed!

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